Firefly Diary "is a brand under Zhongshan Qianxing E-commerce Co., Ltd. Our team has been engaged in the creation of physical doll art for many years. We have rich experience in carving, styling, makeup, and other fields, and are recognized as outstanding in the industry.

We have a first-class production factory that combines art and technology, committed to achieving the perfect presentation of "soul" and "flesh", and creating more high-end, cost-effective, cost-effective, and heart to heart shaped dolls from multiple dimensions.

Our Vision

At present, there are too many low-quality products on the market that are cheap and out of stock, as well as the so-called high-end functional dolls full of gimmicks at skyrocketing prices. Various promotional advertisements with a strong sense of wind and dust have rendered people's beauty of dolls into only the most primitive mechanical movements. They have warmth and soul, and should not be seen as just a tool of individuality.

These factors have led more people to view this beautiful industry with colored glasses, which also deviates from the essence of being user centered and providing attentive services.

We will leverage our own advantages to make humanoid dolls more warm, soulful, and personified, creating better experiences, more valuable products, and better services for our users. We will also contribute to the future of 'them' with a brilliant future. We contribute our modest efforts to the prospects of this beautiful industry.

Firefly Diary "is not just a simple sales brand for humanoid dolls, but also a comprehensive gathering place for a wide range of users. We will combine the advantages of our team to launch various fun and innovative gameplay for users, and do a series of sharing and task challenges in makeup design, hairstyle design, clothing design, DIY, photography, lighting, atmosphere, as well as sex, body feeling, and other aspects, By leveraging these points, users can infinitely amplify their inner beauty, which will have a significant positive impact on the industry.

We will break through this secular bias and make people no longer have vulgar and rough stereotypes about humanoid dolls! We will work with all users of humanoid dolls to continue this beauty.

A professional art team

We have a top-notch art team in the industry, including professional makeup artists, hair transplant artists, and stylists, dedicated to creating more stunning humanoid dolls in the dimension of beaut

Professional production factory

Our factory is a professional and efficient manufacturing center with advanced equipment and refined production processes, creating better product quality and a sense of experience